Add a rainbow filter to bring your photos to life.

Create stunning rainbow, halo, and light effects to make your photos pop with color.

Ever wonder how photos get amazing glow and prismatic rainbow effects? You can achieve sun-soaked photos with halos and rainbow effects without first waiting to find the right angle of the sun. You can add a rainbow filter to enhance your shot during the photo editing process.

Rainbow filters are easy with presets.

Adding rainbow filters and other glow effects can make striking changes to your photos. Free and purchasable presets are available from a variety of photographers and creators online — use them to add in special effects like the ones below with just a click:

How to add presets to Adobe Lightroom.

One easy way to integrate these effects is with Lightroom presets, designed for creating specific effects. A Lightroom preset is an editing shortcut of preconfigured settings. These settings are created to give you an easy way to quickly give a distinct look or effect to your photos. Think of a preset like a recipe and meal prep all in one. Once your presets are installed in Lightroom, you can apply them to your photos. It’s easy to add new presets:

  1. Download new presets and unzip the file.
  2. In Lightroom, choose Import Develop Profiles and Presets.
  3. Select the XMP files from the preset folder you unzipped. Your presets are loaded.
  4. Open a photo and hover over any preset to preview what it will look like when applied to your photo.

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