Simple ideas for staging aesthetic photoshoots.

Wondering how to capture a particular look in a photoshoot? Get inspired by these simple tips and shoot sublime aesthetic photographs.

As a visual art, photography is all about aesthetics. But aspiring photographers might wonder how to create a photoshoot theme around a specific mood or look. Here are some simple ideas for aesthetic photoshoots that can help you find the photographic aesthetic you enjoy most.

Go for a vintage look.

The look of old can be the look of photographic gold. Vintage outfits and props, combined with effects such as photo grain and sepia color filters, will take viewers on a trip back to the past. You just have to decide how far back you want to send them.

Embrace edginess.

Dark, moody photography is a classic aesthetic and will always have an audience. Shoot your photos in black and white, with lots of contrast and dramatic lighting, in an abandoned building, waterfront warehouse, or similar noir setting. Unconventional use of focus can also help bring your gothic vision to life.

Show more with less.

You can use minimalist photography to hone and display your skill in composition. Frame your photos using empty space and clean lines to direct all focus to small but significant details. You can also study color theory to make limited color palettes pop and wow viewers.

Focus on movement.

Capturing moving objects and people requires practice, but it also rewards you with dramatic photos. You can shoot with very fast shutter speeds to get freeze-frame action shots or use slower speeds to blur the moving subject against a crisp background.

Complete your aesthetic with editing.

You can easily perfect the aesthetic you’re aiming for with photo editing software. Adobe Photoshop Lightroom gives you a full suite of tools to enhance colors and lighting, adjust focus, create exciting effects, and much more.

Experiment with all these tips to find the photographic aesthetic that excites you most. Discover more great photography tips for photographers of all skill levels. Unlock your creative potential today with Lightroom.