Create a photoshoot studio, at home.

Transform your home into the photoshoot setting of your wildest dreams with these clever tips.

You don’t need to scale Mount Everest or jump out a plane to get one-of-a-kind photos. Turn your home into a unique photoshoot studio by using what you already have on hand.

At-home props for your next photoshoot.

Mirrors: Play around with light and reflection with mirrors. Hang mirrors on every wall for a meta-photo or hang multiple mirrors on one wall for a fragmented and funky self-portrait.

Plants: Plants are transformative — and they can do the same for your photos. Gather all your plants into your photoshoot room and arrange yourself among them in fun and interesting ways.

Bedsheets: Bedsheets make for an easy and versatile backdrop. Paint a realistic scene or cover them with textures and symbols. You can transform your room into a fantastical place with an assortment of sheets. Or if you’re not that artistic, try finding bedsheets with a cool pattern.

Your bathtub: A bathtub has extraordinary creative potential. What if you filled it with paint? Or glitter? You can stylize your bathtub in all sorts of different ways for a photoshoot with a different kind of depth. This is also a great location for experimenting with aerial photography.

Windows: Like mirrors, windows create wonderful reflections and depth, depending how they’re used. Have someone take photos from the outside, to capture what it feels like to be a passerby. Or use your window to frame photos of the outside. This is also a cool way to create a double exposure portrait.

When it comes to shooting at home, it’s all about perspective and imagination. These tips should help you think about ordinary items as tools with epic creative potential.

Take your photoshoot even further.

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