Photography tips: Best friends photoshoot ideas.

Learn tips for capturing successful best friends photos, plus photoshoot ideas to inspire your next photography session.

This corner of photography captures the precious moment of friendship. As a portrait photographer, you’ll likely come across best friend photoshoots in several different settings.

From joint high school senior pics to wedding events, family portraits and beyond, people love taking best friend photos to document their friendship journey. No matter the occasion, having a few ideas up your sleeve will help your photoshoot feel natural and easygoing, and help you capture the essence of the friendship.

Plan your photoshoot.

Unless you already know these best friends, you’ll likely want to have a conversation with them before the photoshoot to discuss exactly what they’re expecting. Knowing what the photos will be used for can also help in the planning process. Discuss possible locations, if they’ll want to use any props, and whether they prefer posed or more candid shots.

Photoshoot ideas and themes for best friends.

Whether you’re shooting best friends with a casual approach or in a more formal setting like a wedding, keep a list of your favorite poses and ideas on hand to help keep the photoshoot moving and increase your chance of nailing the perfect shot.

Make your photos pop.

Edit your photos, add creative elements, and apply customizable presets from anywhere in the world with Adobe Photoshop Lightroom.