The best lens for fashion photography.

Taking photographs for the fashion industry can be exciting and it’s important to know about what to consider when choosing a lens for your fashion photography shoots.

Working in the fashion photography field is an opportunity to use your creative abilities to tell a fashion-related story. At the same time, it’s crucial to show your subjects and models in the best light possible. Take some time to know which camera lens will help you achieve your creative goals.

Know how to use your aperture for fashion photography.

Aperture, or f-stop, is often a more important consideration for fashion photography than the lens's focal length. Because your focus in fashion photography is clothes, jewelry, and other accessories, you’ll be shooting at a fixed distance with one or a few models in each scene. Choosing the best lens for each shoot is really about using light to get the effect you want.

The smaller the aperture number, the more light the lens will allow into the camera. An f1.4, for example, is good for low light situations and times when you want to blur the background. However, if you have plenty of light, you can make your subject sharp and focused with an aperture of f7.1 or f8.

Explore the world of fashion photography and beyond.

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