The best lens for headshot photography.

From social media profiles to personal blogs, headshots are very popular. They are not tricky but learning about the best lens to use is essential.

Businesspeople, performers, models, and creators all depend on headshots to both become more recognizable and develop their personal brands. Headshots may seem simple, but there are a few things to know about choosing the best lens for headshot photography.

The best focal length for headshots.

For stunning headshots, choose a lens with a focal length of at least 50mm. Longer focal lengths are flattering to human subjects. A longer telephoto lens will also enable you to blur the background, so the subject stands out.

Shorter focal lengths, like 35mm, require you to get too close to the subject for them to feel natural. It is difficult for many people to present natural facial expressions when the camera and photographer are imposing on their personal space.

Use a wide aperture for headshots.

A wide aperture will capture accurate colors, better contrast, and sharper images with the proper lighting. Often wide aperture lenses are of better quality. Either a 50mm f1.8 or an 85mm f1.4 lens would make a good choice.

Especially when shooting outdoors, it may be difficult to control the amount and quality of light on the subject. A wide aperture with adjustability will help you use all the available natural light.

Expand your photography skills by taking a moment to discover more specialized techniques that can move you ahead creatively. Then, explore how Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom can help you get the most from your headshots after you complete a photo session.