How to choose the best lens for portrait photography.

Take a deep dive into the basics of portrait photography and learn how to choose the perfect lens for creating compelling portraits.

Portrait photography is a compelling way for photographers of all skill levels to connect with subjects, create beautiful images, and help tell an individual’s story. But what’s the secret to taking captivating portraits? Lenses. Learn the type of lens beginners should invest in to help on their journey toward taking stunning portraits.

What is portrait photography?

Portrait photography is a genre that captures the subject or subjects’ personality, essence, identity, and story. The intent is to make a connection, develop a rapport, and intelligently compose a shot using the right background, lighting, and poses.

Unlike headshot photography, the main aspect of portrait photography is connecting with a subject to help tell their story authentically and powerfully. It also employs powerful elements like portrait lighting and clever composition to help capture people being their truest selves.

Tips to help you pick the best lens for portraits.

While the argument for which lens is the best will always be a back-and-forth debate, there are key considerations to ponder when making a perfect-for-you lens decision. Many professionals say that the best lenses for portraiture allow for really wide aperture and shallow depth of field in order to keep the focus on the subject (and not the background).

If you’re stumped when choosing a lens, try asking yourself questions, like:

Choosing a lens that enables you to focus on your subject is a great first step toward bringing your portraits to the next level.

Unlock your portrait potential.

With a little practice and a great lens, your portrait photography will be better than ever. Explore what more you can do with Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop today.