Concert photography settings for capturing every moment.

Shooting concerts can be as intense as the music itself. Set your camera for fast shutter speeds to capture every movement.

When you photograph a concert, you’ll have to deal with constantly changing lighting conditions and fast subject movements. Choosing the right camera settings for concert photography will make the difference between a colorful blur and an amazing shot.

Best camera settings for concert photos.

Concerts move fast. To capture every exciting detail, you need to choose camera settings designed to increase your shutter speed and maintain focus on the performers:

A low aperture and high ISO will help you increase your shutter speed so you can capture even the most high-energy performers as they bounce across the stage. Plus, most concert photography is handheld, meaning that without the help of a tripod, a high shutter speed will reduce camera shake while you move around to get those great shots.

It’s also important to set your white balance to “auto” to keep up with the constant changes in lighting, plus use continuous autofocus to follow moving subjects. The faster your camera can adjust to the changing conditions, the better your photos will be. Want to learn more? Get some cool tips that will take your photography up a notch.

Edit your concert photos to perfection with Premiere Pro.

Concert photography happens fast. If you stop to make adjustments during the show, there’s a good chance you’ll miss something important. The best thing to do is just keep shooting and make your adjustments later. Even if some pictures turn out too dark or the colors aren’t vibrant enough, you can use photo editing software like Adobe Photoshop Lightroom to transform dark, drab pictures into poster-ready images.

Explore what more you can do with Lightroom to easily turn your concert photos from ordinary to extraordinary.