f22 narrow aperture photography guide.

Know when to use f22 aperture to photograph stunning landscape shots without losing image quality.

Aperture refers to the opening on a lens that lets light into a camera’s sensor. F-stop is the setting on your camera that controls aperture — f stands for “focal length.” To understand this setting, think in reverse: A larger number, such as f22, means a smaller opening with less light coming in.

When to use f22 aperture.

F22 aperture creates a photo with all parts in focus, from elements close to the camera to subject matter far away in the background. This phenomenon is known as a wide depth of field — it’s the opposite of photos where the background is blurred and an object is in focus. It’s commonly used for landscape photography. Less light also means a slower shutter speed. Because of this effect, it’s best to use f22 for certain types of subjects:

Solutions to f22 aperture range limitations.

Although f22 aperture is effective for capturing highly focused shots, it also has some complexities. See below for some common f22 issues and workarounds to keep f22 a viable photo option:

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