4 Romantic couple photoshoot ideas.

Make love bloom in your photos. Discover great ideas for staging romantic couple photoshoots in this simple guide.

Photographs are an important way for couples to celebrate and commemorate their special relationships. However, it can be challenging to come up with unique ideas for couple photoshoots — every couple wants photography that reflects their one-of-a-kind relationship. Talk to your subjects and suggest some of these ideas to find out what kinds of photos they really want.

1. Take candid couple pictures.

Ask the couple to interact with each other like you’re not there. Candid photography captures people at their most natural. The couple’s genuine reactions to each other can produce much more authentic pictures than traditional, staged photographs.

2. Choose an unconventional setting.

Instead of a backdrop filled with hearts and roses, opt for a more unusual background or setting. City streets, secluded woodlands, and rooftops can all make for romantic locations — especially if you can tie the setting to the couple’s shared interests.

3. Introduce some drama.

Love doesn’t have to be colored pastel pink. Shooting black-and-white photos with stark contrast can result in dramatic, eye-catching pictures. You can also take your photos during bad weather — remember, the big kiss-in-the-rain scene is popular for good reason.

4. Use creative framing.

Simply moving the couple away from the center of your picture can make photos more involving. You could also focus on their interlocked fingers or have the couple’s upper bodies cut off from the shot, showing only their embracing shadows on the ground.

Edit your photos to add romance.

You can enhance the mood of your romantic shots in post-processing. Adobe Photoshop Lightroom brings a full package of easy-to-use tools to edit your photos. Make colors pop with Lightroom presets, adjust lighting, shift focus, and much more.

Use these creative ideas for couple photoshoots and become your subjects’ personal Cupid. Discover more great photography tips for photographers of all skill levels. Unlock your creative potential today with Lightroom.