Easy aesthetic photoshoot ideas you can try at home.

Learn how to take brilliant photographs that show off your personality with these easy aesthetic photoshoot ideas.

Your aesthetic is your own personal style. It should represent how you feel, who you are as an individual, or how you experience the world. It can be tough to curate one from scratch and it does take some stylistic exploration but trying these aesthetic photoshoot ideas in your own backyard is a great way to start.

Start with phenomenal exposure.

No matter what your aesthetic, you need to start with a strong photo. Make sure your camera settings are appropriate for the light conditions — and don’t be afraid to snag some diffusers if you need to get the light just right.

This is important because it’ll make it easier to add filters, adjust light, and curate your style later with a photo editing app. And it’s easy to learn more about photography to up your exposure skills.

Crush your composition.

Your distinct aesthetic shows off how you see the world. Look for bold lines, interesting textures, or other visual elements around you and frame yourself accordingly. This develops a consistent composition style that your viewers will get to know — think of it as a brand. Try out these ideas to get started.

Remember that your aesthetic represents who you are — so have fun with it and get creative with what’s around you. Develop your own unique aesthetic and discover what more you can do with Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop today.