5 simple graduation photoshoot ideas.

Use these ideas to put together a fantastic graduation photoshoot and take unique photos of the fresh graduate’s special day.

Graduations are meaningful events that mark the start of exciting, new life chapters. Almost every graduate wants these ceremonial moments preserved in photographs. Today, young people prefer unconventional, creative graduation shots. Here are some graduation photoshoot ideas for truly unique pictures.

Creative graduation photoshoot ideas.

  1. Use the school setting: Many students love their alma maters. Ask them if they have a favorite campus spot or monument that they’d like to see in the photo.
  2. Show off the graduation outfit: The graduation cap is important, especially if it’s customized, but don’t hesitate to ditch the gown. Your subject likely wore a fancy graduation outfit underneath — it’s absolutely a good idea to show it off for your photos.
  3. Take an action shot: Graduation photos don’t have to be stiff portraits. Get a picture of a biology student completing lab work, or a newly graduated music student jamming in the band room one last time. Or go with a classic action shot: Have them sprint out of the school’s main doors.
  4. Include the friends: Relationships formed during school can last a lifetime. Involve the new graduate’s friends in the picture — snap a photo of them goofing off like they used to between classes.
  5. Go crazy with camera angles: There’s no need to exclusively shoot eye-level photos. Move around and take pictures at high, low, or slightly skewed angles to create unique effects.

Get more out of graduation photoshoots.

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