How to fix and sharpen blurry photos.

To achieve a product that looks as stunning as the real thing, use Adobe Photoshop Lightroom to deblur your images and bring out the brilliant details.

One of the great challenges in photography is capturing what your eyes see with tools that aren’t your eyes. With the wrong camera settings and editing, what you may see as a sweeping landscape, full of depth, light and color, may instead come across as a blurry, unfocused expanse of shapes.

Follow these tips to compose and edit images that are as stunning as what you saw through the camera.

Camera settings to fix blurry photos.

How to fix blurry photos using your camera settings.

Tweaking your camera settings to take sharp photos will greatly help the editing process. Adobe Photoshop Lightroom helps you take those images to the next level with more settings and tools to deblur, refine and focus.

  1. Detail panel: Find the detail panel in the “develop” module and choose what you’d like to deblur. Zoom in on your image to make sure you’re sharpening in the exact right places.
  2. Sharpening settings: Depending on the type of image you’re working on, you may want more or less sharpening. A landscape image, for instance, can tolerate more sharpening than a portrait close-up. Use the “amount” slider to play around with how much sharpening is right for your image and composition.
  3. Radius and detail slider: The radius feature indicates how large the details are as you deblur your image — smaller is better for landscapes, and larger is better for portraits or close-ups. After you’ve sharpened your image, use the detail slider to emphasize edges.

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