How to make a GIF on Mac.

Learn the five simple steps needed to create a GIF on a Mac.

GIFs are all the rage online — so how can you hop on this trend train? We’ll dive into some of the simple, straightforward steps you need to know to kick your GIF-making into high gear. Keep reading to learn the need-to-know steps for making a GIF on Mac.

5 steps to make a GIF on a Mac.

Luckily, if you need to make a GIF on a Mac, the process is fairly simple. Start by opening Photoshop on your Mac, then, follow along with the next few steps to create a GIF:

  1. Visualize what you want your GIF to look like — sometimes it helps to sketch it out beforehand. Then, go ahead and add your files to Photoshop (your files can be bmp, jpg, png, or other image types, as well as AVI, FLV, and MP4).
  2. When you upload your files, make sure they’re set as their own layers. Then unlock your original layer.
  3. Bring your GIF to life with the Timeline Panel. Click Window > Timeline and select Create Frame Animation from the dropdown menu. Be sure to click Make Frames From Layers in the flyout menu next.
  4. Set each frame to the same interval by clicking the first frame, holding down Shift, and then clicking the last frame — then set your frame speeds.
  5. Export your GIF and get ready to share it with the world. Click File > Export Save for Web (Legacy). Make sure the GIF is set for the Export Format and click Forever for your Looping Option.

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