Create visual interest: Using lines in photography.

Learn more about using lines in your photography to create visual interest and powerful effects.

Lines in photography serve to create interest, movement, emotion and a stronger overall composition in your photos. Let’s explore how to incorporate more lines into your own photos to create interesting shots.

Where to find lines for your photography.

Lines can be both subtle and obvious. A railroad is a good example of a concrete, literal line that you can use to draw your viewer’s eye. But lines can be created in more subtle, implied ways, too, such as with light and shadows that appear on walls or sidewalks during different times of the day.

Start by paying closer attention to lines around you to improve your observation skills. Then, you can use those lines to create a powerful effect in your photos.

Different types of lines and their uses.

When looking for lines, consider what sort of feeling or reaction you want to deliver. To help you get started, here are 4 common types of lines used in photography and what each can help convey.

Used with intent, lines create a powerful element within your photos. Take a moment to learn even more photo tips to improve your skills.

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