How to use P mode on your camera.

If your DSLR’s automatic mode doesn’t give you enough control — but you’re not yet ready for full manual —learn how to use your camera’s P mode. It may be just what you need.

The P mode on a digital SLR stands for Programmed Automatic settings. Shooting in this mode gives you control over some settings that are automatic in your camera’s fully automatic mode. P mode is a great way to learn more about manual settings if you’re not ready to jump into manual mode with both feet quite yet.

What P mode will let you do.

P mode gives you some control but lets the camera do most of the deciding. It can be a learning tool, as well as a time saver. Using P mode enables you to do some fine-tuning without the time of a manual settings adjustment.

Here is what your camera’s P mode will allow you do to:

P mode is a great intermediate step on the way to mastering full auto, but even experienced pros find P mode helpful in making quick adjustments. Discover even more great tips that will up your photography skills.

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