6 creative maternity photoshoot ideas.

Maternity photos are an important part of chronicling pregnancy. With these simple suggestions, you can set up an unforgettable maternity photoshoot for expectant parents.

Pregnancy is a magical time, especially for new mothers and their partners. Many of them want unique photos so they can always remember all the special moments before childbirth. Here are some maternity photoshoot tips to help you snap unforgettable pictures.

Creative maternity photoshoot ideas.

  1. Use props: Many parents buy clothes, toys, and cribs in advance. Bring baby gear into your pictures to show off the little one’s adorable new home.
  2. Involve both parents: The other parent is probably just as excited about the baby as the mother. Have both parents pose for the photo and capture double the bliss.
  3. Take before-and-after shots: Take a shot during pregnancy, and then restage the same photo after the baby is born. This way you can picture the happy parents at two different times.
  4. Play around with lighting: Environments with bright or low lights can make for striking photos. For example, the expectant mother’s dark silhouette against a bright background can really help emphasize the baby bump.
  5. Focus on the birth date: Parents often plan the photoshoot well before the expected birth. You can create an interesting theme by having them dress in seasonal clothing to match the birth date. Have parents dress in fall-colored sweaters, even though you’re shooting during summertime.
  6. Shoot a time-lapse photo set: Photograph the mother every few weeks to capture the growing baby bump and document the changes happening to her body.

Use editing to enhance your maternity photos.

Posing can be tough for expectant mothers, which can sometimes make snapping the perfect photo elusive. Good editing software, like Adobe Photoshop Lightroom, helps you polish your pictures in post-processing. You can make colors pop, adjust lighting, and sharpen focus, even on your mobile device.

Unlock your creative potential and capture the magical moments of pregnancy. Discover more great photography tips for photographers of all skill levels. Find out how you can enhance your maternity photos with Lightroom.