Create out-of-this-world space scenes in Photoshop.

Learn how to create epic outer space scenes with these Photoshop tips and effects.

You've likely tried to capture the awe-inspiring vastness that is the night sky. The depth, the varied texture, the sheer size of it all is mind-blowing, and the camera lens sometimes falls short. So why not let your imagination — and the right photo editing tools — be the lens?

Learn more about how to use Adobe Photoshop to build stunning, dynamic outer space scenes that no camera could capture.

Space Photoshop editing features you need to know.

Get familiar with these specific editing features as you build your own outer space image. Open up Photoshop and let your imagination run wild:

  1. Layers and brushes. Create a layer, use the Brush tool to blend galactic colors into it, and repeat. Building up layers with different colors and textures helps create depth — a background, middle ground, and foreground — that evokes the vastness you're trying to capture.
  2. Space brushes. Photoshop has several specific brushes for starry skyscapes. This is a perfect tool to use in your foreground layers.
  3. Black brushes. Photoshop’s soft black brushes help you mute each effect you add on so they blend together as a seamless whole.
  4. Color balance. This feature helps you create a unified color composition. Play with different adjustments to achieve the right out-of-this-world color effect.
  5. Marquee and Distortion tools. If you have close-up images with high-texture details, you can use the Elliptical Marquee tool to cut a circle into it, and then use the Distortion filter to turn that pattern into a spherical shape. Voila — you've created space objects.

Possibilities as vast as the universe.

With a little bit of imagination and a familiarity with some basic Photoshop tools, you've got a universe of creative potential at your fingertips. Learn more about how to bring your wildest ideas to life with Photoshop.