Celebrate summer with these photoshoot tips.

Try these summer photoshoot ideas to soak up the sun and capture the fun.

From endless days and warm sunshine, to fireworks, cookouts, and late nights, summer is the season of abundance. Capture all of that joy to keep you warm when winter rolls around with these creative photoshoot tips.

Summer photoshoot ideas.

When you’re thinking about your summer photoshoot, remember the unique assets summer offers: lots of sunshine, color, warmth, and vibrance. Use these qualities in your favor, shift your perspective, and just have fun with it.

Follow the sun: Take advantage of long, well-lit days. Follow the sun and experiment with different angles and perspectives; for instance, glistening morning dewdrops, shining lake reflections, or the illusion of rainbows as light shines through a sprinkler. Summer sunrise and sunset photoshoots can also be brilliant. Play with silhouettes and shadows during these ethereal hours.

Find vibrant colors: Colorful summer foods are some of the brightest, most photogenic subjects. Grab a ripe handful of berries, hold up a sumptuous stack of melty ice cream, slice open a juicy watermelon. Vibrant colors and textures will really shine in these kinds of photos while highlighting some favorite summer memories.

Look up: Point your camera toward the sky for a new and sunny summer perspective. Notice how the sunlight shines through treetops, clouds, and umbrellas.

Play with summer props: What reminds you of summer? Sparklers on the Fourth of July? A hammock swinging between two trees? Beach chairs and seashells? Popsicles? Sailboats? Pool floats? Whatever it is, try playing with these props in your photoshoot for images that are personal, celebratory, and evocative.

Heighten the summer fun.

With more fun photo tips and skillful editing, you can take your summer photoshoot to new levels of fun. Explore what more you can do with Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom to level-up your next photoshoot.