Triple exposure photography.

Merging three images can create a unique effect that will make your photos stand out. Learn how to do triple exposure photography.

Originally, multiple exposure photography was when a photographer took several pictures without advancing the film. The result was a single image with all the photos merged. Triple exposure photography is just like the ever-popular double exposure photography, just with another image on top. Here’s how to create incredible triple-exposed photos with a modern camera.

Multiple exposure camera settings.

Most modern DSLR cameras have a multiple exposure setting that lets you take pictures like usual before merging them all together.

If you want to take a triple exposure, simply set your number of exposures to three, take three pictures, and watch as your camera merges them into one unique image. Luckily, your camera will also save the images individually, so you can keep them for later.

Tips for triple exposure photography.

With all the different details, contrasts, and highlights, it can be a challenge to combine three pictures without the image looking too busy. Here are some tips to help your triple exposure photos turn out:

  • Use subjects with light backgrounds. Multiple dark backgrounds will simply make the background come out black.
  • Combine photos with contrasting colors. If multiple photos are the same colors, your triple exposure will look unfocused.
  • Have an idea of what you want. Don’t just combine three random photos and expect it to come out looking amazing.

Blend photos with editing software.

If your camera doesn’t have multiple exposure settings — or if you want more control over the final product — photo editing software like Adobe Lightroom can help you create incredible triple exposure photos.

Simply upload all three photos into the single canvas; select transparencies for each; adjust contrast, color, and exposure; and you’re ready to show off your triple exposure.

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