Take advantage of your 600D aperture priority mode.

Discover how to make automatic settings work in your favor if manual ones just aren’t in the cards.

Your 600D camera has two priority modes — one for aperture and one for shutter. Aperture priority auto-selects the optimal shutter speed for whichever aperture you choose. Shutter priority works the same way, but chooses aperture according to your selected shutter speed.

In particular, photographers use aperture priority mode to align shutter speed for quality exposure. Not only is it great for pros in a hurry, it’s also a smart tool for newcomers to get started with the basics.

Aperture priority for 600D cameras.

On the back of your camera, you’ll likely find a bunch of dials and buttons to the left of your 600D’s LCD panel. One of them has a little plus and minus sign, and it’s marked with “Av” — this is the aperture priority mode.

Try out a few aperture settings and let your 600D choose shutter speeds for you. This comes in handy when depth of field is really important or if you want to explore how aperture impacts your photos.

Let your camera support you.

When you use aperture priority mode on your 600D camera, you get to experiment and play around with focus without sacrificing exposure quality. Because of this, many photographers use aperture priority as a bridge between fully automatic and manual modes.

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