How to adjust exposure for sports photography.

Learn how to properly expose your images when shooting action-packed sports and live events.

There are many factors to consider when capturing images of action and sports photography. Though challenging, sports photography can be as exciting as the games themselves. Ultimately, capturing the best sports images centers around proper photo exposure. Interested in how to set them? Keep reading to learn how to properly adjust your photo exposure for great sports shots.

How to create the perfect photo exposure for sports.

How you capture the right photo exposure for action shots and sports photography comes down to several factors, but the two most important include:

When capturing action photos, you’ll want to adjust these two settings to find the best exposure balance.

Adjust your exposure for sports when you edit.

It’s hard to always capture the perfect exposure when you’re in the middle of shooting fast-paced events like sports. Luckily, adjusting an image’s exposure during the editing process is easy.

If you use versatile editing software like Adobe Lightroom, all you really need to do is adjust the Exposure slider to lighten or darken your entire image. You can also individually adjust the levels for highlights, shadows, whites, and blacks when to help balance out the image’s exposure.

Seamlessly capture action and sports photography.

Though sports photography can be a little tough to master at the outset, you’ll find it to be a really fun and exciting way to document your favorite action-packed events. Discover some great photography tips to get you started and explore what more you can do with Lightroom today.