Winter photoshoot ideas to warm up your skills.

It might be cold outside, but winter is a great time to test some new photography tricks. Try out these winter photoshoot ideas to capture some amazing images this season.

Capture close-ups of snowflakes with macro photography.

Winter is every macro photography lover’s dream. Each snowflake literally gives you a new opportunity to capture something unique.

Taking macro pictures of snowflakes can be a challenge. You’ll need a lens capable of closer than a 1:1 magnification ratio, and maybe a few extension tubes to help you zoom in even closer. But if you pull it off, you’ll have some truly unique photos.

Take pictures of falling snow.

What says “winter” more than falling snow? Whether you’re shooting portraits or landscapes, falling snow can add a level of drama and excitement to your photos.

Try taking long exposure shots. That will blur the snowflakes as they fall, and make their trails appear more prominent in the picture. Or you can increase your shutter speed to freeze the snowflakes in midair, creating a crisp wintery image.

Have bokeh fun with winter lights.

Winter isn’t all about the outdoor scenery. There are plenty of winter photoshoot ideas for inside your home too. Stay warm by the fire and practice shooting bokeh with lights in the background.

Holiday decorations and winter lights make excellent bokeh. With all the lights blurred in the background, you can create stunning images all over your home.

Experiment with white balance.

Bring the winter chill right into your photos by experimenting with your white balance. Instead of compensating for the lack of color and adding warmth, why not adjust your white balance to make your photos even colder?

Just because there’s a lot of white in winter photography doesn’t mean you have to warm it up. Play with your white balance to help you think outside the box.

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