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Stephan Dahl
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  • Stefan and Jenny Dahl
  • Everyday searches, extraordinary results: We challenged three of our contributors to rethink some of the most searched-for keywords and create their own visual interpretation. Stefan and Jenny Dahl from Copenhagen contribute to Adobe Stock on a full-time basis. They were attracted to rethinking the keywords “travel”, “team” and “business”, which resulted in a shoot at the airport and a particularly dynamic series of fresh stock photos.

Watch Flamingo images' interview and discover their inspirations for rethinking stock photography.
Flamingo images

From Copenhagen through Berlin to Marseille.

See how our contributors capture unique images to set your work apart.

  • Berlin-based Premium contributor Anna Cor, known for her strong storytelling and understated beauty, delivers a unique take on “classic” stock imagery of cats, flowers and coffee. Take a look behind the scenes of Anna Cor’s stock photo shoot.

  • Anna Cor
  • Mike Fouque
  • Remixing most frequently used keywords and interpreting them in a new way excited Mike Fouque straight away. The photographer from Marseille chose the search terms “business”, “summer” and “travel”, and staged them with a surprising air of typical French savoir-vivre.

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