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It’s our solution to the Hovering Art Director.

Make it with Adobe Stock - The Hovering Art Director

Meet the Hovering Art Director action figure.

He’s the creative visionary who’s here to give you a little help — even if you didn’t ask for it.
With the talking Hovering Art Director action figure, inspiration is always close by.
Hovering Art Director Action Figure

Make it with Adobe Stock.

Watch design and compositing experts create amazing works of art using Adobe Stock assets. Then try it yourself.
Bringing the WolfBear art to life.
Learn how to re-create the WolfBear ginger beer artwork from the Hovering Art Director campaign.
Create an epic work of art.
Design along with experts to create your own WolfBear art, and learn timesaving tips and tricks.

Let the Hovering Art Director inspire you to new levels of creativity with these bonus scenes.

Bonus scene: Black with a little bit of white  
Black with a little bit of white
Bonus scene: Ginger beard  
Ginger beard
Bonus scene: Sunrise, not sunset  
Sunrise, not sunset

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Integrated Workflow
Integrated workflow
Search and license Adobe Stock assets inside your Creative Cloud apps. Use watermarked images to make edits — they’ll be replaced with high-res versions the moment you license them, and your edits will be saved.
Easier searching
Smarter searching
Visual search and aesthetic filters, powered by Adobe Sensei, help you quickly find the right asset. Simply drag and drop an image into the search bar to find similar ones, or use filters to fine-tune your results.
Unique and diverse content
Unique and diverse content
Access high-quality Adobe Stock images, graphics, videos, templates, 3D assets, and our Premium and Editorial collections in the marketplace powered by the world’s leading creative community.

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