Create images that pop off the page with 3D design software.

3D imaging and printing is becoming ever more important in graphic design. Not only are 3D tools useful for creating greater realism and depth in 2D artwork — immersive environments such as augmented and virtual reality are three dimensional in nature. Optical and perspective tricks are no longer enough and the tools to create solid graphical objects must handle the task easily. Draw, design and animate with the best 3D tools.
Create images that pop off the page with 3D design software.

Take illustration to the next level with 3D design software.

Build 3D designs and models using the comprehensive toolkit for vector art in Adobe Illustrator. Make, edit, and light objects to create depth and placement.

Adobe Illustrator

Create beautiful vector art and illustrations.
  • Rotate. Revolve. Extrude.
  • Rotate. Revolve. Extrude.

    The industry-leading toolset for creating vector shapes. Create anything with lines, ellipses, polygons, colors, textures, and fonts.

Powerful features let you make complex 3D images.

Start with flat shapes
Three-dimensional objects are combinations of geometric shapes. 3D vector art is built the same way that 2D vector art is, by adding and subtracting geometric elements.
Extrude, revolve, rotate
Take a flat profile and stretch it into the third dimension. Spin that profile around an axis or simply change the angle of your drawing to the screen by rotating.
Add, adjust, subtract
Combine shapes for more complex objects. Grab vertices to adjust their location and subtract 3D shapes to create your design.
Map and light
Add textures or surfaces by mapping a 2D image onto the surfaces you have drawn. Move the location of your virtual lights to accentuate your object.
Give a 3D object a more realistic definition by using bevels on edges. Bevel in or out of an object to get the effect you want.
One-point, two-point, and three-point preset perspective grids help you create your art. Adjust the grid using the 3D design software’s Ground Level widget.
Mesh objects
Define complex color gradients using regular and irregular meshes. Make objects lift up from your canvas and produce elaborate effects.

Bring your designs to life in 3D.

Create photorealistic mockups and three-dimensional composite imagery up to 5x faster with Adobe Dimension.

Adobe Dimension

Create photorealistic 3D images for branding, product shots, and package design.
  • The intuitive tool for 3D rendering.

    Visualize product shots, packaging designs, and branded collateral in real-world settings. Drag and drop a logo or vector graphic onto a 3D model to see how your design concept will look in real life. Dimension offers intuitive controls for lighting, materials, textures, and more, as well as automatic tools to align and light naturally.
  • The intuitive tool for 3D rendering

3D is easier with features in Dimension.

Pick a 3D asset
Start with one of the many 3D objects that ship with Dimension, or import your own. You can also search Adobe Stock for professional 3D designs to jump-start your project.
Add a background
Add a photo or design as a background, using Match Image to automatically align perspective and lighting.
Choose materials and textures
Apply materials and textures to your shapes. Choose from a variety of metals, plastics, woods and finishes.
Add Graphics
Add a logo or graphic onto a 3D model to see how your design concept will look in real life.
Material editing controls
Adapt materials to your specific project. Change the angle and tiling of textures. Offset for the exact effect you want.
Real-time rendering preview
See what your edits with the 3D design software will look like in the final artwork. The render engine constantly creates a small image of your final work, so you can fine-tune without waiting for time-consuming full renders.
Shadow and reflection
As you edit your ground plane and materials, shadows and reflections are recomputed for a photorealistic effect.
Export to Photoshop
Get a rich set of layers in your PSD exports, giving you more capabilities and control for putting the finishing touches on your 3D composites.

Get deeper into your animation.

Explore depth in your vector graphics animation. Take a 2D animation and add space and camera movement for a more engaging experience.

Adobe Animate

Design interactive vector animations for multiple platforms.
  • Bring your artwork to life with 3D animation software.
  • Bring your artwork to life with 3D animation software.

    Design animations for web, games, and video. Create for multiple platforms including HTML5 Canvas, WebGL, and Flash/Adobe AIR. 

Animate offers powerful 3D features.

Start with vector graphics
Add your vector graphics and define your timeline. Edit and scale your graphics to fit your composition.
Build layers
To create the illusion of space, your animations should be put into individual layers. The layers can then be put at various depths to create a space for your animation.
Set your keyframes and animate your vector graphics. Then animate your camera to pan and zoom across your composition. As the camera moves through space, your animation opens up.
Save your project and export it for use on web, games or video as HTML5 Canvas, WebGL, Flash/Adobe AIR or as a GIF or QuickTime film.
Custom easing
Give a more natural feel to your animation tweens. Using custom easing, you can define more fluid motions and actions for your graphics.
Vector brushes
Build brushes out of vector artwork. Create complex designs quickly by using repeating components and patterns.
Actions Code Wizard
Make HTML5 actions for your animations without the need for coding. Pick the settings for your intended action and the code is created automatically.

Make 3D art and designs anywhere.

Be ready for inspiration anywhere with mobile creation apps. Pursue your creative impulse with apps and tools for your phone or tablet.


Reach for vector design tools right in your pocket.


Adobe Illustrator Draw

Draw freehand and make precise vector shapes. Work quickly and intuitively to make vector art with sophisticated gesture interpretation. Full color, texture, gradient and brush controls help you to create on the spot.


Paint, sketch, and draw with your tablet or phone.


Adobe Photoshop Sketch

Never forget to bring your art supplies along. With natural brushes for watercolor, paint, and sketching, you can have your tools always at the ready on your handheld device. Combine media effortlessly and follow your inspiration where it leads.

Compare 3D design software apps

Choose the best tool for your project to make 3D art and animation.




Illustrator Draw

Photoshop Sketch
3D objects      
Perspective guides
Layer depth        
Create custom brushes      
Use custom brushes  
Light controls      
Grid alignment      
3D canvas        
Desktop app    
Mobile app      

Learn more about 3D design with Creative Cloud.

With a wide selection of tools adding new features all the time, there is something to learn for everybody. Brush up your skills, whether you are just starting out or a grizzled veteran.
Create and edit mesh objects.
Create 3D illusions or complex color effects using mesh objects. Define mesh lines and color gradients to be applied over them.
Combine 2D and 3D assets.
Make photorealistic compositions using 2D and 3D graphics. Build perspective grids, position light sources, and automatically create realistic reflections and shadows.
Create photorealistc compositions for product designs.
Take 3D design to the next level by adding artwork, logos, and backgrounds to make photorealistic product visuals and synthetic photography.

Make artwork and 3D images more quickly with effective apps for Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS.

With the dedicated tools and powerful rendering engines in Creative Cloud apps, producing 3D designs is quicker and easier. Cloud backup and integration with video, layout, and photo editing software make development and collaboration on even the most complicated projects faster. Powerful mobile apps make flexible work easier, and online libraries allow immediate sharing and feedback. Membership options for individuals and businesses are reasonably priced. There are even discounts for students and educators. Pick the plan that best suits your needs.
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