How to convert MOV video files to MP4 format.

Learn to use Adobe Premiere Rush as a video converter to save your MOV editing files as versatile MP4 videos perfect for use online.

How to convert MOV to MP4

Convert MOV to MP4 output files simply.

MOV (MPEG-4 Part 14) is a Quicktime movie file format introduced by Apple. It’s great for video editing or playing on Mac devices like the iPad or iPhone. MOVs can contain video files, audio files, and even text. MP4 files, which work on nearly all media players and streaming video sites, also store data like object and scene descriptors, which are helpful for streaming. This is why, if you plan to use the video file on other platforms, you’ll need to know how to convert video to MP4. The MP4 format is more versatile — it has less loss of quality at a higher compression, which makes it perfect for streaming platforms with a high video resolution at a smaller file size. 

Use Adobe Premiere Rush for MP4 conversion.

Premiere Rush supports the importing of various video formats, audio files, still images, and native camera formats, including the MOV file extension. And Premiere Rush, built for editing video to share online, exports to only the MP4 file type, making it an ideal MP4 converter for your movie projects. 


There are a few ways to convert MOV files to MP4 after you finish your editing in Premiere Rush. Choose a conversion process that best suits how you plan to share your video:


Share it as a YouTube video on your channel.


Share your video on your Facebook page.


Export your video to Instagram.


Share your video to Behance.

After you convert files, you can learn more about sharing your video in its output format of MP4 on social media sites.

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