How to trim a video using your iPhone.

The length of each clip and the overall length of your video are both important. Learn ways to trim your video’s length right on your smartphone.

Have you ever heard a comedian say that the secret to a good joke is “all in the timing?” It’s true about jokes, and it’s also true about making an impressive video. Each clip of your video should start and end precisely at the right time to keep your audience engaged and wanting more.

Simple steps to trim a video.

There are essentially two ways to adjust the length of your video. You can change the speed at which it plays, or you can trim — that is, cut out — a bit of each clip that is not needed. Adjusting the playback time can help make small changes, but remember that the viewer will notice if you speed up or slow down too much.

To get your video to fit the timeframe you want without adjusting the playback speed, trim bits of video you don’t need from the beginning or end of each clip. It’s a simple process and extremely useful for setting the mood, making a statement, or when you’re working with specific time constraints.

Follow these four easy steps to trim a video clip:

  1. Arrange your video clips on the various tracks in your editor’s timeline.
  2. Place the audio tracks where you want them.
  3. Highlight the clip you want to trim.
  4. Click and drag each end to make your adjustments.

Most viewers will lose interest within a few seconds if a clip is not essential to the story. If they sense that you are wasting their time, they will click away at record speed. Use trimming to keep your video precise and engaging.

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