Top video editing tips for Chromebook.

Whether you’re on a Mac, a Windows PC, or a Chromebook, these editing tips will make your videos stand out.

Video editing is an essential tool for creative expression. You can cut together vlogs, short films, advertisements, photo journals — the possibilities are endless. Whatever hardware you choose, master simple concepts and download the right video editing software to express yourself through video.

Master video editing on a Chromebook.

Before you get into techniques and strategies, remember that no matter what you’re editing, your most important role is as a storyteller. So while you employ these techniques, make sure the deeper narrative comes through.

Edit right from your laptop.

You don’t need a high-end desktop setup to produce video; even on a low-budget Chromebook, you can use these tips and download editing software to cut together a professional-quality video. Get more video tips, and try Adobe Premiere Pro on your Chromebook for your next project.