How to make a video on your iPhone.

For everything from capturing video to making edits to posting on social media, today’s smartphones can do it all. Learn how to make a video using your mobile device.

Everyone has a story to tell, and the best way to say it is with video. Sure, we all love to read a good book now and then, but if you have a message you want the world to hear, video is the most effective way to get the word out.

Tips for making a video on your phone.

You probably have everything you need to capture and create professional-looking videos. Smartphones often come with high-quality video cameras built right in, and apps for editing video are easy to find and install. All you need is a little knowledge about how to make videos, plus your creative ideas.

To tell your story to the world, start with these simple tips and move forward from there:

There’s always more to learn, so enjoy the journey and get more video tips along the way. It can be both fun and satisfying to edit videos — discover everything you can do with Adobe Premiere Rush to create video content.