How to make a video on your iPhone.

For everything from capturing video to making edits to posting on social media, today’s smartphones can do it all. Learn how to make a video using your mobile device.

Everyone has a story to tell, and the best way to say it is with video. Sure, we all love to read a good book now and then, but if you have a message you want the world to hear, video is the most effective way to get the word out.

Tips for making a video on your phone.

You probably have everything you need to capture and create professional-looking videos. Smartphones often come with high-quality video cameras built right in, and apps for editing video are easy to find and install. All you need is a little knowledge about how to make videos, plus your creative ideas.

  • Plan before you shoot. Your final product will look more professional if you have a good idea of what you want before you begin shooting.
  • Capture great clips. After the planning is done, go out and shoot video clips. You don’t need to capture the video clips in any particular order. You can rearrange in editing.
  • Always make sure there is more light in front of your subject than behind them. Stay out of direct sunlight, too.
  • If using your phone’s built-in microphone, make sure you are close enough to the subject. Beware of distracting background noise.
  • Use a mobile device video editing app to arrange your clips, build in transitions, and create intro and outro segments. You can create a finished product — all on your phone.

There’s always more to learn, so enjoy the journey and get more video tips along the way. It can be both fun and satisfying to edit videos — discover everything you can do with Adobe Premiere Rush to create video content.