How to make a video outro.

To leave your audience with a call to action and a favorable impression of your video content, learn to create a memorable outro.

“Ending on a high note” is an idiom that’s perfectly suited for video content creators. With an impressive intro and unique content, you can inform, entertain, and delight your audience — but an outro is a short video segment explicitly designed to leave your audience with a lasting impression. Learn how to make yours a standout.

What to include in your outro.

Depending on the type of content, the precise details needed for your video outro will vary. Here are a few of the most common outro elements.

A summary of the most important things you want your audience to remember. Because you may want to use the same outro for various videos, make the summary relevant to your business,

product, or service, not just that video.

Include a call to action (CTA) in your outro. Ask your audience to follow you on Instagram, visit your website, or call for more details.

Include your video logo and other branding elements to create credibility and confidence. These elements might be similar to your intro, but you’ll want to reinforce them in a professional outro.

Where to place your outro.

Your outro will generally be the very last element of your video, but not always. For casual content, some creators like to insert bloopers or outtakes right after the outro. This technique creates a fun experience for your audience.

Tools to create an outro.

A video outro doesn't need to be complicated. There are inexpensive tools you can easily find online that allow you to use a template for a simple video outro. Or you can go custom with a video editing software that’s feature-rich yet easy-to-use.

Explore everything you can do with Adobe Premiere Pro to create a pro-looking outro that’s packed with all the trimmings.