How to make a video collage on your iPhone.

Commemorate special moments with a video collage and use these pro tips to capture the memory perfectly.

A video collage is a wonderful way to chronicle and share happy memories. Whether you’re reminiscing on a fun vacation with friends, creating a birthday greeting, end-of-year recap, or celebrating a special milestone, a video collage preserves a special memory. And anyone with a smartphone can do it.

Follow these editing tips to make your own video collage on an iPhone or Android.

Select your clips for your video collage.

Plan out what you want to recap in your video collage and the tone you want to set. Then go through your iPhone videos and pick out the ones that fit into your narrative and idea.

For example, if you’re creating a video collage for friends to remember a trip you took together, you probably want to set a fun tone. Pick the best videos that illustrate what a good time you had. Consistent footage that matches the theme helps to weave a compelling collection of memories that evoke feelings had in the moment.

Edit your video collage with intention.

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