Must-have equipment for your science video.

Film a wow-worthy science video with these tools and tips.

Educational science videos can be a real blast to film — not to mention an excellent teaching tool. Make sure you’re prepared with the right equipment.

Equipment for science videos.

The equipment you’ll need will depend on the type of science video you’re filming. For example, if you’re demonstrating chemistry experiments, you’ll want lab equipment like beakers, test tubes, and goggles. If you’re focused on biology, you might want a microscope and petri dishes. Or if you’re focused on environmental science, perhaps you want to take your filming outside. Think through what your lesson needs, and be sure to have the right science equipment on hand.

Once you have your science equipment, you’ll definitely want this camera equipment:

Explore editing options for your science video.

And perhaps the most important piece of equipment for your science video isn’t equipment at all — it’s your editing software. Explore what you can do in Adobe Premiere Pro to tell your best science story, and scope out more video tips to elevate your work.