How to edit event video footage.

Create unforgettable event videos with these pro editing tips.

Videos are a meaningful way to capture the feeling of a moment — the people, the sights, the sounds, the mood. Well-done event videos can take you right back to that moment, be it a wedding, a family reunion, an epic concert, you name it. Learn how to edit event videos you can look back on with pride.

Event video editing tips.

  1. Heighten your senses. Unlike a static photo, a video is totally immersive. That means sounds, movement, color, light, scale — it’s all there. Make sure you capture all of the senses you can, for a full experience. That means investing in good audio recording equipment, in addition to your camera equipment. It means up-close shots so you can see textures and read facial expressions, as well as varied shots to make it feel like you’re really there.
  2. Mix it up. No matter how exciting the event was, if the video is simply a recording, any viewer will get bored. Splice together your video clips so that you have a variety of shots and angles — wide angle, close-ups, and medium wide — as well as subjects, from people to landscapes to groups. The varied shots make for a dynamic, fast-faced video that keeps the viewer engaged.
  3. Keep length in mind. You don’t need a five-hour video of the event. Instead, weave together the highlights — the most meaningful and emotional moments. This way, you have a feeling-packed memory that takes you back without taking up all of your — or your viewer’s — time.

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