It’s all in the edit.

Video editing tips you’ve got to try.

You could shoot the most emotionally moving, aesthetically interesting film of all time. But without an eye for editing, your story will fall flat. With these simple editing techniques, you’ll be well on your way to an Oscar (well, maybe).

Brilliantly simple editing basics.

Just as a screenwriter and a director and a composer are storytellers, as an editor you’re also a storyteller. All video editing should be in the service of the narrative. Keep this in mind as you use these video editing tips.

Understand your cuts. Cuts are essential video editing strategies, affecting how you transition between scenes and move the narrative forward. Here are some types of cuts to remember and play with as you edit:

Color-correct your clips. Make sure all of your footage has consistent color with a color correction tool. Color grading is also a useful tool if you want to create different feels between scenes. For example, a flashback scene might be a different palette than the present-day scenes.

Heighten the experience with music. A solid soundtrack makes all the difference. Think Jaws. Need we say more?

Choose the right software.

The right software will make all the difference for your editing needs. Explore what you can do with Adobe Premiere Pro for your next project, and learn more video tips to elevate your work.