What is a teaser video?

Learn more about teaser videos, their purpose, and helpful tips for creating and editing one of your own.

In today’s online world, you can find teaser videos nearly anywhere — big brands and small business owners use them, as well as musicians, artists, creatives, and more. Let’s dive into what a teaser video is and how you can use it to give your audience a glimpse of exciting things to come.

Teaser video explained.

A teaser video is a versatile visual tool that you can use to create anticipation, spread awareness, or hype up a new product or offering. Think of it as a mini-preview — short and sweet, without giving too much away. Once complete, you can share it far and wide, from social media channels and websites to digital newsletters and more.

Basically, if you want to generate buzz among your audience, a teaser video is a great way to start.

How can I create a teaser video?

The key to creating a great teaser video is to provide the right amount of information. You want to keep it short — most are only 15-60 seconds long — and give away just enough to pique interest. It can be helpful to draft out a hook and main takeaway.

Then, take some time to think about how you’ll tell the information. Can you make it into a micro-story? What visuals will capture attention? Even though teasers are very short, consider storyboarding your ideas.

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