DER Touristik

  • Shift from a primarily offline business model toward cross-channel engagement
  • Deliver personalized customer journeys through a greater understanding of customers across channels 
  • Scale business and analytics across multiple brands and countries


Key products used
Adobe Experience Cloud, including the Adobe Analytics solution within Adobe Analytics Cloud and the Adobe Target solution within Adobe Marketing Cloud

Planning a dream vacation. 

DER Touristik offers travel enthusiasts highly personalized services across channels using Adobe Experience Cloud.
DER Touristik


Higher conversion rates with RECOMMENDATIONS
Higher conversion rates with RECOMMENDATIONS
Used PERSONALIZATION to improve engagement
EMPOWERED marketers to leverage data


Moving into digital spaces

Europeans love to travel, and it’s little wonder why. Whether someone wants to explore the fjords of Norway, experience Parisian nightlife, or relax on the beaches of Greece, there is beauty, excitement, and culture close by. According to a Eurobarometer Report, published by the Europeon Commission, approximately70% of Europeans travel at least once a year, and 43% of travelers spend more than 13 consecutive nights on holiday.

DER Touristik Group is the third largest European travel company, operating a network of travel organizations across 14 countries. Through well-known tour brands, including DERTOUR, ITS, and Kuoni, DER Touristik helps 7.1 million guests travel to 179 countries each year.
DER Touristik’s customer base is broad, ranging from students to retirees and families to single travelers. One thing that all of these customers have in common is that they are increasingly reaching out to DER Touristik through digital channels.

“Our company is 100 years old, so we’re certainly a traditional company in many ways,” says Alexander Gaertner, Head of Digital Analytics for DER Touristik. “But we know that it’s important to listen to our customers and reach them with the right message via the right touchpoint. Today, our business is becoming much more omnichannel. Someone may visit our website and book through a local store, or vice versa.”

As the focus of the travel industry shifts toward reaching customers through digital spaces, DER Touristik aims to continue providing personal touches and a consistent journey across a mix of online and offline touchpoints. By creating a digital hub for all customer data from across channels, Gaertner and his teamcan develop a greater understanding of the company’s diverse customers, use segmentation to deliver more tailored experiences, and enable customers to easily book their dream vacations.

DER Touristik turned to the integrated solutions in Adobe Experience Cloud to support its digital marketing strategy. With Adobe Analytics, part of Adobe Analytics Cloud, analysts pull together data from on-site and off-site sources to better understand audiences and build segments. Using this information in Adobe Target, part of Adobe Marketing Cloud, DER Touristik creates personalized recommendations that encourage greater engagement and, ultimately, more customers to book their travel.

“Adobe is an innovation leader,” says Gaertner. “The company is inspiring because it’s always leading with a forward-thinking strategy. Adobe is helping us drive change that will enable us to meet challenges now and in the future.”

"It was exciting to see just how much we could increase revenue through personalization and recommendations."

— Alexander Gaertner, Head of Digital Analytics, DER Touristik
Personalizing customer journeys

Through integration that connects Adobe Analytics and Adobe Target with the company’s customer relationship management (CRM) solution, DER Touristik can gain a complete view of customer activities across channels. This includes digital activities such as browsing a website and clicking on an email newsletter, as well as offline activities such as consulting with an agent at a local travel office.

The Adobe Marketing Cloud ID Service can be used to assign a universal, persistent ID to all customers as they move across channels. If a customer looks at travel deals on the DERTOUR website, and then later browses options from another site such as PrimaSol Hotels, DER Touristik can use activities from both websites to create a fuller picture of who a customer is and that individual’s travel preferences.

DER Touristik is already seeing improvements to engagement and click-through rates. After implementing recommendations on one of its brand websites, DER Touristik achieved a 2.7 times higher conversion rate compared to another website that just used generic banners.

“It was exciting to see just how much we could increase revenue through personalization and recommendations,” says Gaertner. “The metrics from Adobe Analytics allow us to make decisions based on data rather than trying to change user behaviors based on hunches.”

Increased revenue through recommendations

With the initial successes from Adobe Experience Cloud, Gaertner and his team are building momentum for broader use of analytics and personalization across DER Touristik. Using a simple AB test in Adobe Target, for instance, DER Touristik tested visitor reactions to having a single large teaser on a home page versus several smaller teasers. The smaller teasers kept visitors on the site up to 20% longer.

DER Touristik also worked with Adobe Consulting to attribute campaigns through Data Workbench in Adobe Analytics. With a clear view of how campaigns are performing, marketers can now identify both successes and anomalies more easily.

“My team is really excited to do more,” says Gaertner. “Business owners within the group are seeing that we can increase revenue by using recommendations and they all want to use it now.”

One group noticed that a significant amount of traffic coming from search terms led to tours or hotels that were fully booked. Subsequently, many customers left the website. DER Touristik now uses Adobe Target to identify unavailable products in search listings and raise the search ranking for available recommendations.

“We’ve seen customers get engaged with offerings, allowing us to generate more revenue through recommendations with Adobe Target that keep visitors on our sites,” says Gaertner. “Using attribution data, we’re working towards predictive analysis that will allow us to find an ideal distribution for our budget across campaigns and channels.”

"The metrics from Adobe Analytics allow us to make decisions based on data rather than trying to change user behaviors based on hunches."

— Alexander Gaertner, Head of Digital Analytics, DER Touristik
Empowering marketers and analysts

The DER Touristik analytics team continually works with other groups inside the company to train marketers on how to get the most from the Adobe solutions.

“Ten years ago, analytics focused on collecting and reporting data,” says Gaertner. “Now we’re also doing a lot of data activation: creating segments, personalizing messaging, and making an overall compelling experience for customers. Our people are embracing Analysis Workspace because it empowers them to break down metrics, work on segments, and gain insights easily.”

In addition, Adobe Dynamic Tag Manager simplifies how people tag data, providing more control over onboarding and distribution of data. Marketers and analysts don’t need to get IT involved or wait for IT release cycles. Instead, they can start gathering data whenever needed.

With Adobe Experience Cloud, DER Touristik is laying the foundation for advanced analytics and personalization that will lead to better user experiences and higher returns. “Working with integrated Adobe solutions allows us to create digital marketing programs that can scale across web properties and brands,” says Gaertner. “We’re seeing a positive change as people embrace Adobe Experience Cloud to continue to deliver personal experiences across a growing number of online and offline touchpoints.”
DER Touristik Group
Established in 1917
Employees: 11,000
Frankfurt, Germany

Solution at a Glance 

Adobe Analytics Cloud
  • Adobe Analytics Premium
  • Analysis Workspace
  • Marketing Reports and Analytics
  • Data Workbench
  • Tag Management
Adobe Marketing Cloud
  • Adobe Target
  • Recommendations
  • AB Testing