• Delivering personalized content for 30 global websites in 8 languages
  • Improving web-based sales lead generation and up-sell and cross-sell opportunities
  • Finding a digital marketing platform to integrate with multiple back-end systems


Key products used
Adobe Marketing Cloud including the Adobe Experience Manager, Adobe Analytics, and Adobe Target solutions
Adobe Professional Services

The big data advantage.

Informatica uses Adobe Marketing Cloud to take customer experiences and revenues from digital marketing to new heights.


GROWTH in global web visits
Better TARGET key accounts
BOOST in organic search visits
GREATER event response rates


Thinking big

Informatica has big ambitions, including doubling its value to $10 billion over the next five years. To achieve that goal, the company is revamping its digital marketing platform to better reach and serve enterprise customers worldwide via 30 websites.

Informatica has a long history of delivering data management solutions, including data integration, application integration, and data quality tools. Because the company’s software works with data from Salesforce, Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, and other environments, Informatica enjoys strategic partnerships with many of the industry’s top cloud providers and global system integrators, and supports advanced data demands at companies focused on engineering, financial services, retail, healthcare, and others.

As the company looked to transform its online presence worldwide, Informatica’s IT and marketing teams determined that its current content management system (CMS) couldn’t scale to support continued growth. To convey the complex information customers need when evaluating enterprise data management solutions, Informatica marketers sought a CMS that could integrate with multiple back-end systems and deliver personalized experiences to global customers across industries.

“The powerful features in Adobe Experience Manager and its proven track record and ease of use made the Adobe solution the obvious choice for a CMS,” says Gary Gamitian, Director of Web Development, Informatica. “We also wanted to be sure that every online experience we deliver is tailored to a customer’s needs, so we selected Adobe Analytics and Target along with Experience Manager.”

" With Adobe Experience Manager, Analytics, and Target, we can use our experience, imagination, and initiative to reach audiences in new ways with tailored, targeted content."

— Sean Browne, Senior Director of Web Marketing, Informatica
All things digital

The Informatica team knew that just creating and managing digital content was only part of their challenge. They looked at digital marketing with a focus on reimagining business processes, including lead generation and targeting customers for upsell and cross-sell opportunities.

Other goals included increasing digital traffic overall, capturing more timely information about customers, supporting electronic forms, and improving search engine results. The integrated Adobe Marketing Cloud solutions—Experience Manager Managed Services, Analytics and Target—provide the ideal foundation for the company’s digital marketing efforts.

Marketers created a marketing data lake from multiple sources, including a Demandbase account-marketing tool and other systems, as well as pay-per-click (PPC), search engine optimization (SEO), and organic search results. Adobe Analytics and Target allow marketers and sales representatives to analyze data captured in diverse systems to deliver specific information via Experience Manager about top leads.

“Account teams can mine Adobe Analytics in our marketing data lake and instantly see valuable sales data,” Gamitian says. “If a customer is looking at specific information on our site, the sales team can initiate contact to identify interest on the spot while Experience Manager automatically delivers a tailored digital experience.”

Informatica is also educating its marketing team and other stakeholders to use Adobe Analytics to capture other valuable information. They previously had to request reports from IT, but Analytics enables them to see instantly how web pages are performing, including details about product information downloads, access to product trials, and form conversion, as well as other key activities.

AB testing with Adobe Target also helps Informatica connect customers with their search goals faster. For example, some web landing pages have their own domains, and the marketing team is always looking to reduce the number of clicks it takes visitors to get information. Similarly, Gartner Magic Quadrant reports for Informatica solutions are very popular, so marketers are simplifying navigation to those reports.

“Adobe Target already helps us personalize offers based on a customer’s product affinity or industry,” Gamitian says. “AB testing in Adobe Target helps us further refine experiences, so we know whether it’s better to send visitors to a forms page to request a document or instead use an in-page form. Our focus on personalization has helped triple engagement to industry webinars, our Informatica World Tour, and other events.”

Through connections between Adobe Marketing Cloud and other marketing systems, Informatica can collect progressive profile information (such as name and email address in one visit, company and title in the next) and store it in the data lake for future use. Using Adobe Target, Informatica has tested pages that automatically complete forms using progressive profile information, helping move website visitors faster through the sales funnel.

"After classifying content with tags in Experience Manager, we can use Target to better deliver the right content to our key accounts."

— Sean Browne, Senior Director of Web Marketing, Informatica
Reaching high-value customers

Another important capability Informatica gains with Adobe Marketing Cloud is the dynamic tag management core service. Because of the company’s complex website environment, tagging is critical. Dynamic tag management provides flexible metadata control and reporting to identify content by type, product, solution, industry, and strategic value.

Accordingly, content producers internally and from outside agencies purposefully tag every asset in Experience Manager, such as whether it’s a white paper or a data sheet, and whether it’s used at the top, middle, or bottom of the sales funnel.

“Informatica is doing more account-based marketing across industries with Adobe Marketing Cloud,” says Sean Browne, Senior Director of Web Marketing, Informatica. “After classifying content with tags in Experience Manager, we can use Target to better deliver the right content to our key accounts.”

Adobe dynamic tag management also gives Informatica flexibility to manage web content easily from companies it acquires. For instance, some had legacy platforms for live chat or live agent interaction on legacy pages. Because each page has unique tags, Informatica can maintain a legacy live chat platform to support products acquired from one company, for example, while providing live agent interaction on another segment of pages.

“Since adopting Adobe Marketing Cloud, we’ve seen global website visits jump 61% and organic search visits climb by 55%,” adds Browne.

Enabling update workflows

With help from Adobe Professional Services, Informatica integrated Adobe Experience Manager Managed Services with other solutions to streamline translation workflows for its global sites. Content producers can flag items for update, and content can be changed once in Experience Manager, and then uploaded to the global sites after translations.

“Multisite management in Adobe Experience Manager helps us automate updating 30 websites in 8 languages,” Gamitian says. “Our managed services implementation has also refined our development practices and reduced our reliance on systems integrators.”

Adds Browne, “Our team is incredibly productive. With Adobe Experience Manager, Analytics, and Target, we can use our experience, imagination, and initiative to reach audiences in new ways with tailored, targeted content.”

Established in 1993
Enterprise Customers: 7,000
Redwood City, California

Solution at a Glance 

Adobe Marketing Cloud, including the Adobe Experience Manager, Adobe Analytics, and Adobe Target solutions. Capabilities used include:
  • • Sites
  • • Assets
  • • Marketing Reports and Analytics
  • • Tag Management
  • • AB Testing
  • • Rules-based Targeting
  • • Automated Personalization
  • • Managed Services
Adobe Professional Services