• Better understand customer behaviors and preferences to improve online experiences
  • Employ advanced testing to boost conversion, engagement, forms completion, and other KPIs
  • Scale digital marketing capabilities while maturing digital programs


Key products used
Adobe Marketing Cloud including Adobe Analytics and Adobe Target solutions
Adobe Professional Services

NetApp: data management across flash, disk, and cloud.

Enterprise storage leader uses Adobe Marketing Cloud to improve digital experiences.


Rich INSIGHT into overall customer base and audience segments
Transformed marketing teams into a COLLABORATIVE business group
Increased engagement by KEYWORD and conversion by 13%, measured by click-through rates
Added SCALABILITY and new digital capabilities


The power of data

Leading organizations worldwide count on NetApp for software, systems, and services to manage and store their data. The company’s products power some of the world’s most notable businesses, universities, and scientific achievements, including CERN’s Large Hadron Collider.

So when it came to digital marketing, the storage solution provider instinctively looked for new ways to capture, measure, and leverage data to shape new customer experiences across devices. “The more data we can capture about a customer throughout a long deal cycle, the better,” says Zann Aeck, Director of Digital Experience at NetApp. “We need continued information about our customers, including which contacts are engaging us through digital channels, how often they visit the site, what pages they’re viewing, and what devices they’re using.”

NetApp wanted the means to transform data into actionable insights that could drive optimization. The goal is to make every interaction more engaging and provide customers information in relevant ways. By achieving this, the company could encourage higher forms completion rates, feed its B2B pipeline by capturing current customer and prospect information, and better support sales.

In addition, the digital marketing team wanted to answer important questions about where in the buying cycle customers engaged with digital channels—from content consumed during initial engagements to what resources are used the most after a transaction is complete. By relating online interactions to offline conversations with sales teams, cross-functional teams at NetApp could initiate timely digital interactions with customers.

“We didn’t just want our digital properties to broadcast information to customers,” says Aeck. “They’re powerful tools for starting valuable conversations and keeping them going. To have better conversations, we needed more visibility into the full journey. To get the most visibility possible, we use Adobe Marketing Cloud.”

"Adobe Marketing Cloud enables us to be more strategic with changes to our digital marketing initiatives. In addition to enhancing customer experiences, it helps to save time, money, and resources."

— Tim Chen, Manager of Digital Experience, NetApp
Growing digital channels

Though the company saw Adobe Analytics and Adobe Target as clear solutions for learning about customers and enhancing its digital business, NetApp also wanted to build its overall digital programs intelligently. To accelerate its program, the company first turned to Adobe Professional Services to get a sense of its current environment before determining the best next steps.

“Working with Adobe Professional Services, we discovered we weren’t as far along as we thought with regards to having the right assets in place,” says Tim Chen, Manager of Digital Experience at NetApp. “The Adobe team helped us strategically align our resources, add the expertise we needed, and jumpstart our testing, analytics, and reporting.” Additionally, Adobe Professional Services provides NetApp ongoing reviews of KPIs, insights into best practices, and recommendations to help ensure programs stay on track.

With digital marketing solutions in place, NetApp chose to first get answers to the fundamental questions that drive optimization, such as who visits digital channels, what devices they use, and what are their goals. Digital marketers discovered that more than 90% of its visitors arrive on the site during business hours from desktop computers to visit specific pages and research products. These findings informed the decision to take a desktop-first development strategy.

However, by looking more deeply into customer segments, NetApp found that up to 30% of customers responding to campaign content were arriving on the site using a smartphone, a segment that was experiencing a 6% overall annual growth. This prompted the company to adopt responsive design elements within its strategy to optimize mobile experiences.

Refining experiences

With a deeper understanding of its customers, NetApp followed up by examining its overall content strategy. Traditionally, the company’s digital presence was all about supplying details about products—from the moment visitors arrived on site, they were offered rich product information. The result was higher traffic, but lower conversion as compared to their less detailed content related to product launches. This content garnered lower traffic but higher conversion.

“Adobe Marketing Cloud enables us to test and analyze a wide range of content and home in on specific KPIs,” says Chen. “Whether we want to drive traffic and increase visibility for NetApp, focus on forms conversion to generate qualified leads, or create brand engagement, we can determine what approaches achieve our goals.”

Insight into what works

Digital marketers now use Adobe Target to easily test new layouts, calls to action, imagery, and other design elements to optimize experiences for specific KPIs. More importantly, testing provides cost savings by showing NetApp digital marketers when pages are already optimized for engagement and don’t need additional changes.

For example, on product pages, digital marketers wanted to determine if adding an icon to specific call-to-action buttons would help encourage conversion. After testing product pages with and without icons, the team found that adding the icons had no significant effect.

“Adobe Marketing Cloud enables us to be more strategic with changes to our digital marketing initiatives. In addition to enhancing customer experiences, it helps to save time, money, and resources,” says Chen. “That’s especially important for us because due to the scale at which we implement small changes—often hundreds of pages at a time—resulting in huge savings.” Overall, testing with Adobe Target supported the company’s complete site redesign, leading to a 170% increase in click throughs and a 13% lift in engagement—all without developing new content.

Testing also helped to reinforce best practices with digital team members and non-members, such as including only a single call to action per page. “We look at suggestions from employees across the organization. Testing enables us to clearly illustrate why something does or doesn’t work, helping to foster a common understanding of best practices,” says Chen.

"Working with Adobe Professional Services, we discovered we weren’t as far along as we thought with regards to having the right assets in place. The Adobe team helped us strategically align our resources, add the expertise we needed, and jumpstart our testing, analytics, and reporting."

— Tim Chen, Manager of Digital Experience, NetApp
A data-driven future

With Adobe Marketing Cloud, NetApp plans to continue maturing its digital strategies by adding new capabilities. The company plans to increase personalization for segments through new targeted content. NetApp will also expand testing to optimize support sites—including blogs, thought leadership papers, support forums, newsletters, and more—to help customers better self-service while reinforcing the company’s long-term vision.

“We’ve already done a lot, but there is still more we can achieve with Adobe Marketing Cloud,” says Aeck. “Our company is wholly focused on data, and we’ll continue to find new ways to leverage data, testing, and targeting to transform every customer experience.”

NetApp and Adobe Professional Services

Adobe Professional Services supported NetApp before and throughout its initial implementation by providing annual marketing maturity assessments, helping the company continually re-evaluate its solutions, strategy, and KPIs. In taking an advocate role, Adobe Professional Services also encouraged a continued data-driven approach to marketing strategies, investments in digital marketing solutions, and customer relationships.

NetApp and Adobe Document Cloud

NetApp also uses Adobe Sign, an Adobe Document Cloud solution, to accelerate completion rates and reduce complexity on contract processes across multiple departments. Read the story.
Established in 1995
Employees: 12,810
Sunnyvale, California

Solution at a Glance 

Adobe Marketing Cloud, including the Adobe Analytics and Adobe Target solutions. Capabilities used include:
  • Marketing Reports and Analytics
  • Ad Hoc Analysis
  • AB Testing
  • Multivariate Testing
  • Rules Based Targeting


Adobe Professional Services