Reliance Foundry

  • Revive decades-old business to remain competitive
  • Compete with overseas manufacturers
  • Differentiate through digital marketing
  • Expand market from local businesses to all of North America


Key products used
Adobe Creative Cloud for teams

Reinventing a decades-old business.

Reliance Foundry grows dramatically as it goes digital and expands distribution with help from Adobe Creative Cloud for teams.
Reliance Foundry


Transformed business to achieve skyrocketing RETURNS
CATAPULTED business founded in 1925 into 21st Century
Local services EXPANDED across North America
REDUCED administration frees time for creative work


Decades-old company goes digital

Reliance Foundry literally provides the foundation for many products used daily today. The company, once focused on local customers in British Columbia, now supplies outdoor products and metal casting services to clients across North America. Its customers include architectural design firms, property managers, installation contractors, city planners, and private businesses.

While creating a metal post may appear simple, there’s a large amount of technical consideration that goes into each purchase. Posts may need to be certain diameters or heights or be produced using specific metals.

For decades, Reliance Foundry was a traditional company serving local clients in an increasingly competitive market. “We had to compete with outsourced providers—a difficult endeavor,” says Brad Done, Vice President of Reliance Foundry. “Our grandchildren and the founder needed to retool the business. We asked ourselves: Why don’t we design our own products, get them produced overseas, and distribute them all over North America, too?” In 2004, the company embarked on a business transformation.

The current owners, whose grandfather started Reliance Foundry, knew they needed to reinvigorate the business and transition to the digital age. A traditional foundry for more than 75 years, the company understood metal products, from design to manufacturing and delivery. But instead of limiting itself to taking bids only from local contractors, the company’s leadership set its sights on producing their products overseas, showcasing them online, and distributing them across North America.

"Adobe Creative Cloud for teams helped us reignite the business. We’re excited that 90 years later, our business is achieving greater sales and success than ever."

— Brad Done, Vice President, Reliance Foundry Co. Ltd.
From local to global

Based just outside Vancouver, British Columbia, Reliance Foundry relied mostly on local contracts for almost 80 years. The company now provides metal products to the Pentagon, Apple’s corporate headquarters, Fenway Park, and the Schermerhorn Symphony Center to name a few. In 2015, the company saw sales jump by 35% and grew to 21 employees.

As part of its transformation, executives knew digital marketing was the way to go. “We needed to showcase our products online and distribute them to more customers across North America,” explains Jeremy Bradley, Marketing Manager at Reliance Foundry.

The company’s goals were lofty and included transitioning from a local foundry manufacturer to outsourcing production and implementing continent-wide distribution. Through effective digital marketing, the company could gain access to North American markets.

Adobe solutions have supported the company’s managers along the way, but a more recent shift to Adobe Creative Cloud for teams helped them make a big leap in showcasing their products in simple, concise ways. This is particularly important given the large amount of technical consideration that goes into each purchase. With Creative Cloud for teams apps, marketing managers can quickly communicate product specifications in visually appealing ways understood by technical and business teams alike.

Bradley handles the licenses for Adobe Creative Cloud for teams and notes that it couldn’t be easier. “Managing licensing is more seamless and faster than when we relied on individual licensing,” he says. “We no longer deal with each license separately, and managing all accounts for our growing team is now centralized on a single agreement.. The Adobe Creative Cloud for teams Admin Console offers an impressive experience that greatly streamlines license management.”

"We needed to showcase our products online and distribute them to more customers across North America. "

— Jeremy Bradley, Marketing Manager, Reliance Foundry Co. Ltd.
Spanning the marketing continuum

Each app in Adobe Creative Cloud for teams serves a specific yet flexible purpose. Adobe Premiere Pro CC is used to create short product promos, full commercials, and educational installation videos. Adobe InDesign CC is used for brochures and other complex printed materials such as user manuals.

Adobe Photoshop CC and Adobe Photoshop Lightroom CC are indispensable for visually selling metal products to architects and construction specifiers, who need to see the product and visualize how it will integrate into a site. “Our business relies extensively on visuals—images and videos—to sell products,” says Bradley.

Adobe Photoshop CC and Adobe Illustrator CC are used together to create original graphics and promotional pieces including blogs, infographics, social media, email pieces, and brochures. Marketing content is distributed via social media, email, or print mail to construction specifiers, contractors, landscape architects, and others. Infographics have been especially beneficial to the business. “Since we started doing infographics for materials, we’ve seen site traffic on our blog go from 5% to 30% of our overall web traffic,” says Bradley.

“As a family business spanning nine decades, Reliance Foundry was facing challenges and needed to make a bold transition,” says Done. “Adobe Creative Cloud for teams helped us reignite the business. We’re thrilled that 90 years later, our business is achieving more sales and success than ever.”

Reliance Foundry Co. Ltd.
Established in 1925
Employees: 21
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

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