Data in seconds. Insights the second it counts.

In a world where time is money, getting real-time insights for your marketing is more valuable than ever. Analytics Live Stream gives you the data and insight you need to impact change and drive your business.

Real-time dashboards.

See what your site visitors are doing at the moment and open the opportunity for real-time, data-driven responses.

Instant remarketing.

Use your real-time insights to optimise marketing strategies and deliver more engaging and effective cross-channel campaigns.

Live data firehose.

Access the live stream of data within seconds of collection — even when visitors are still active on your site.

Fashion meets fast insights.

ASOS, a leading global online retailer of fashion and beauty products, uses Analytics to sift through a live stream of data to improve their customers’ online experience in real time.

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Gartner names Adobe a Leader in digital marketing analytics.

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