Adobe Analytics Premium: Attribution

Now you’ll know what to thank.

Attribution allows you to see all of your marketing channels in one place and accurately assign credit to every conversion. With this insight, you’ll know better where to invest resources and when to change course.
Predictive Intelligence
Channel awareness
Evaluate your web, email, mobile and other marketing channels to see which ones are working and which ones aren’t.
360-degree customer analysis
Budget accountability
Know how, when and where the success or failure occurs with every dollar spent in your marketing budget.
Cross-channel attribution
Customer decision-making
Go beyond static attribution results by using insights to drive customer-focused decisions across your properties.

See what Analytics Premium: Attribution can do.

Rule-based attribution
The ability to use basic rule-based attribution models — like last click or starter-player-closer — gives an easy way to understand which marketing touches and sequence of touches are the most effective.
Algorithmic attribution
Advanced statistics and machine learning show you the importance of each marketing touch leading up to conversion — letting you see what is really driving your business.
Correlated and cross-channel views
Go beyond static attribution results through correlated and cross-channel views to gain comprehensive customer insights.
Retroactive event processing
Understand your customers’ behaviour over a broad span of time by tying their current behaviour to their past web behaviour.

Attribution Feature

It’s not just attribution.
It’s integrated attribution.

Analytics Premium: Attribution has the power of Adobe Experience Cloud and Adobe Analytics behind it. You can assess your marketing activities and then take action on it. You’ll see how different segments of customers respond and interact with multiple campaigns.

Don’t just know your customers today. Know them tomorrow.

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