Visual campaign orchestration that’s second nature. But first in class.

Marketers now have an intuitive way to design, execute and manage customer experiences across channels. Using simple drag-and-drop icons, you can easily control your marketing content, channels, scheduling, budgeting and resources. And then watch results in real time.

Intuitive interface

Orchestrate the customer journey with easy-to-use visual workflows and icons. Create targeting and channel execution strategies all in one place.

Campaign flexibility

Adapt to changing customers needs with the ability to start, stop, pause and restart campaigns. Execute your campaigns from an on-premise, hybrid or cloud environment.

Intelligent design

Design your campaigns from audience segmentation, offer and channel selection to message rendering and testing with a graphically rich, touch interface.

Take control of your campaigns.

With easy-to-use calendar, budgeting, approval and measurement tools, you can take control of your marketing campaigns — from planning and execution to optimisation and measurement.impact. Lastly, you’ll better target content that boosts ad revenue.


Plan your campaigns across an extended timeline and effectively manage plans, activities, budgets and results in a single environment that can also be extended and localised for distributed organisations.


Execute on your campaigns by reaching customers through personalised channels—both online and off-line. Optimise email delivery on multiple devices through testing and responsive design strategies.


Automate your campaigns through customer journeys based on their interactions and actions. Automate data management—data capture, extraction and loading—as well as your internal teamwork processes.


Measure the results of your campaigns to get a complete picture of what works, what doesn’t and what you can improve. Then gather and report your data so you can analyse it more effectively.

Turn routine processes into personalised experiences.

With its enhanced segmentation and targeting, Adobe Campaign helps True Value deliver personalised experiences to their customers.
“At True Value, we want to do more than just increase sales. We strive to be of service to our customers and communicate with them in ways that meet their specific needs. That requires tailored messages, content and offers across channels.”
— Melva Godwin, Manager, Campaign Management (True Value Company)

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