SpatialKey uses Adobe Flash Builder to create a responsive, flexible tool for enterprises to present complex sets of quickly changing location-based data for better visualisation and informed decision-making.
Kodak Gallery
Kodak Gallery PhotoBook
The Photo Book app enables Kodak to offer a profitable online service that allows customers to easily create their own photo books to share “Kodak Moments.”
SchoolVIEW by Universal Mind leverage Adobe Flash Builder to enable the Colorado Department of Education to present student and school achievement data so that administrators, parents and government funders can make better decisions regarding education.
Almer/Blank uses Adobe Creative Suite® software to create rich media experiences for Fortune 500 companies, specialising in delivering high-end applications built on Adobe Flash technologies.
The Muni Tracker app helps you to track locations and arrival times and bookmark your favourite stops for San Francisco's Muni transit system.  Available on the Apple App Store and Google Play.
The PolitiFact Mobile app helps readers find truth in politics by investigating statements by members of Congress, the president, lobbyists and other personalities on the national political scene. Available on the Apple App Store and Google Play.
The Netflix Queue Manager allows users to manage their Netflix queue across devices and features intuitive search capabilities. Available on the Apple App Store and Google Play.
Philips Lighting streamlines service delivery and strengthens its competitive advantage with the Adobe Flash Platform, including Flex and Adobe AIR.
FedEx provides a convenient way for customers to monitor deliveries directly from their own computers with FedEx Desktop, built using the Flash Platform, including Flex and AIR.  
NASDAQ leverage Flex and AIR to deliver a rich Internet application on the desktop that enables financial professionals to replay market activity in detail at any point in time.
Innovative government agency delivers more efficient, responsive citizen services with its powerful One Touch system, built on Adobe LiveCycle® Enterprise Suite and the Flash Platform.
INETCO Insight is the only business transaction management solution designed specifically for environments that can provide complete visibility into the performance of every payment transaction. 
SAP Xcelcius
SAP Xcelcius
Xcelsius software from SAP is an enterprise business intelligence tool used by many SAP customers. Written in Flex, this product offers comprehensive dash boarding and data visualisation capabilities to both business users and IT departments.
2GO Mobile Cloud Platform
2GO Mobile Cloud Platform
2GO is the award-winning platform Model Metrics developed to address the needs of field workers, sales representatives and others who work in the field and don't always have access to an Internet connection.