Celebrating 25 years of Photoshop.

Look who's turning 25. Happy anniversary, Photoshop. And to our customers who make the impossible possible, thanks for taking creativity to places we never could have dreamed. Dream on.
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All the great work from artists featured in the Dream On video is on Behance. Take a look ›

“Happy birthday, Photoshop.”

Late-night talk show host Jimmy Kimmel is famous for his pranks and bits featuring everyone from Hollywood celebrities to random people on the street. See his take on Photoshop.  

Artists whose work defies convention.

“When I was a young girl, I didn’t have the money to organize shoots in a studio, so I created whatever I wanted in Photoshop. Thank you, Adobe, for giving me the tools and opportunity to build my career.”
“Without Photoshop I literally would not be able to do what I do. More often than not, the finished image goes beyond my expectations.”
“I try to grab the attention of audiences through fantastical concepts and compelling compositions. My goal is to evoke powerful emotions and a genuine interest in what is happening in the image.”
“Photoshop is more than a tool; it’s a member of the team. We’ve been using it for years and can’t wait to see what’s in store for the next 25 years.”

Take a look back.

Today, millions of people use Photoshop to do amazing things, transforming our visual culture and changing how we see the world. For a look back at how it all started and the milestones along the way, check out the anniversary timeline and our interview with Thomas Knoll, coinventor of Photoshop with his brother, John.

Meet one of the founders of Photoshop ›

See the anniversary timeline ›

Take a look back.
Meet the future. 25 under 25.

Meet the future. 25 under 25.

We’re profiling 25 of the most creative visual artists under the age of 25 on our new Instagram feed.
See who’s changing the game and making a name for themselves.  










Photoshop for everyone.

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