design specs

Go from design to code, without the guesswork.

Better feedback, better products.

Move in parallel and open up the conversation with developers. Design Specs streamline the handoff process so you can deliver the context they need. Share fully-interactive prototypes, CSS code snippets, downloadable assets and customised variable names - all in one link.

Handoff the full picture

Give developers a 360 look at user flows and room to interact with your prototype.

Get input early and often 

Make it a two-way conversation and avoid wasted efforts on both sides. Developers can easily provide context or drop in comments.

Everything they need, all in one place

Sizing, character styles, colours, images, sounds and more — include the CSS snippets and design tokens they need for easy collaboration.

How it works.


Create a link.

In Share mode, select ‘Share for Development’ to generate Design Specs. XD will publish your designs, plus any associated resources.

Share with developers.

 Share your Design Specs via email, Slack or Jira. Developers can open and explore on their own.

Keep everyone on the same page.

Help your developers understand your intent and bring your designs to life with code.

Brush up, explore, learn more

Get the free tips, tools and tutorials you need to master XD.

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