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16 Aug.2021

Improvements & bug fixes

Our team is hard at work improving XD and resolving issues. Learn more about fixes and enhancements in the latest release.


19 July2021

XD on Apple Silicon

XD now runs natively on Apple Silicon devices. Experience faster load times, smoother navigation and quick rendering.

Improvements & bug fixes

Our team is hard at work improving XD and resolving issues. Learn more about fixes and enhancements in the latest release.


7 June2021

Outline Stroke

Create complex graphics by converting paths and borders into editable vector objects.

Inner Shadow

Add depth to UI components and text by applying shadows within objects.

Angular Gradient

Fill components with conical gradients to design pie charts, colour pickers and other circular shapes.


10 May2021

Share Selected Artboards

Create a shareable link to artboards right from your design canvas.

Live Cursors for Coediting

Stay in sync with your team from anywhere. Now you can see where collaborators are working in real time.

Preferences menu

Customise XD to fit your workflow with app language settings, sharing tools and in-app tips.

New plugins and integrations

Stay in your flow, manage tasks and quickly share prototypes with Workfront, Asana and Monday.com plugins for XD.

XD on Apple Silicon M1 (beta)

XD now runs on devices with Apple Silicon M1 processors. Experience faster load times, smoother navigation, and quick rendering. Download the beta app in Creative Cloud to get started.

‘Toggle State’ shortcut

Design interactive toggle states for your components with a single click.


12 April2021

New Triggers for Component States

Make clickable, interactive prototypes that feel real. Now you can use voice commands, keyboard input and gamepad input to trigger between states of components in your prototypes.


15 March2021

New Layout APIs

Create new types of plugins, instantly. Now you can access and edit Responsive Resize, Stacks and Padding data right from the XD Plugin APIs.

Learn Adobe XD

Brush up on the basics or take it to the next level with the new collection of XD learning content. Get helpful tips, tricks, and tutorials in experience design from product experts and evangelists.

Updated Windows app menu

Navigate just as easily on Windows as you would on macOS with the new top bar app menu.


16 February2021

Improvements & bug fixes

Our team is hard at work improving XD and resolving issues. Learn more about fixes and enhancements in the latest release.


12 January2021

Auto-Animate for dash and gap patterns

Now you can use Auto-Animate to animate stroke dash and gap values plus, create rich animations for borders and lines.

New view options for XD mobile apps

Preview prototypes using the XD mobile app (iOS and Android) and scale them to fit the height or width of any screen.

CC Libraries improvements

Share design systems. Work with assets between apps. Get more from Creative Cloud Libraries with key bug fixes and performance enhancements.


17 November2020

Identify shared flows

Click the icon next to any flow in Share mode to copy the latest version of a published link to your clipboard.


20 October2020

3D Transforms

Rotate objects in 3D space. Present in perspective. Layer in depth and create a realistic outlook in seconds.


Coediting is out of beta. Start collaborating in real-time from the same document, wherever you are.

Auto Height Text

Use the text layer’s content to automatically adjust the height, while its width remains fixed.

Nested Components

Make changes to components within other components and seamlessly sync changes only in the context you need.

Component States in Design Specs

Give developers the full picture with a detailed view of every state for any component.

Enhanced Creative Cloud Libraries integration

Work directly from the Libraries panel to access colours, components and more from your Creative Cloud Libraries. Easily create and share design systems with your team as Libraries.


15 September2020

Show or hide prototype wires

In Prototype mode, show or hide all blue prototype wires by toggling Option (macOS) or Alt (Windows) on your keyboard.

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