Marketing analytics isn't about the channel. It’s about the journey.

Today’s customers use an average of seven devices each day to interact with brands. With Adobe Analytics, your insights aren’t limited to specific channels. Adobe Analytics can collect and process data from virtually any channel — both online and offline — so you can analyze behaviors across the entire customer journey. With machine learning and report automation tools, you’ll have insights that are easy to visualize, analyze, share, and act on‚ in a moment’s notice.

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Gain a complete customer view.
Gain a complete customer view.
Our marketing analytics solution helps you track interactions and behaviors across all channels — online, offline, email, video, and more. You’ll get deeper insights about audiences and a 360-degree view of your customers. 
Measure across channels.
Measure across channels.
Use Adobe Analytics to measure marketing activities across channels and devices — from acquisition to retention. With it, you can prove ROI through marketing attribution, anomaly detection, and segmentation features driven by machine learning features to better direct your marketing spend.
Enrich Data and Activate Audiences
Enrich data and activate audiences.
Our integrated marketing analytics solution allows you to combine behavioral data with offline and third-party data to develop insights about campaigns and customers. These insights can help you discover new audiences and activate new campaigns.
Deliver more engaging experiences.
Deliver more engaging experiences.
Insights from built-in and ad-hoc reporting help you optimize content, offers, products, and experiences in real time. Consistently improve the customer journey across devices, locations, and even time of day.
Collect across every channel, every device.
The customer journey spans multiple channels and devices. Adobe Analytics helps you develop a 360-degree view of each customer as it collects and organizes data from every touchpoint.
Go beyond visits and page views to understand where your audience is coming from and where they’re going.
Gain a deeper understanding of your mobile app users and mobile campaigns.
Gather video data from all of your channels to understand who’s watching them, how, and when.


• Voice
• Display
• Content
• Email
• Connected cars
• Call-center
• Social
Process Data Intelligently

Process data intelligently.

Adobe Analytics processes data unlike any other competitor in the industry because it can evaluate countless customer data dimensions. For instance, you can define a visit in any way without altering the underlying data. And our technologies organize, clean, and prepare data at lightning speed, so your insights are ready for action. 

Analyze, fast.
Powered by Adobe Sensei, our machine learning and artificial intelligence infrastructure, Adobe Analytics automatically analyzes all your data. With capabilities such as Virtual Analyst, you can automatically detect anomalies, understand what’s driving those anomalies using contribution analysis, and receive intelligent alerts when any relevant metric changes. You’ll be able to deliver insights to stakeholders in seconds instead of days — and free up time to act on your results.
Analyze, fast.

Visualize information and see results.

Visualize information and see results.

With the intuitive Adobe Analysis Workspace interface, you can actually see how your customers progress across all your channels. Track key metrics including visitor pathing, retention, and customer lifetime value — so you can gather and share the information you need in an instant.

Take action on insights.
Activate campaigns in an instant and maximize ROI. With Adobe, you can integrate your analytics, data management platform, personalization, and campaign orchestration tools. For example, when you integrate Analytics with Audience Manager, you can measure all your audience segments in Analytics. Additionally, you can create behavioral segments in Analytics and automatically share them to Audience Manager for campaign activation.
Take action on insights.




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