Your Audience Manager how-to guide.

Your Audience Manager how-to guide.

Planning really is everything.

Get ready for the arrival of Adobe Audience Manager. Find out when to expect access to your software, which team members need to be involved, and how to develop an implementation strategy.

Resources for deployment and beyond.

Get in-depth documentation for Adobe Audience Manager. From deployment to bulk management tools to password requirements.

Join the conversation.

There’s always helpful chatter being shared about Audience Manager. Check out our tweets to get the latest insights.

Dive in to more product details.

We want you to have as much success as possible with Audience Manager. Check out these additional resources to make the most of your investment.
Set up TV SDK 2.1 for Playstation 4.
Find the SDK code libraries for Android and iOS.
Create a basic TV SDK 2.4 player for XBox One.
Work with Audience Manager APIs.
Get deployment tips for live streaming.
Get answers to common questions about data ingestion.

Great support. Fast answers.

Our Help page has everything you need from FAQs to useful tips. It’s the quick and easy way to troubleshoot an issue.
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