Wow — You Can Do That in Lightroom Classic? - S6403

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  • Matt Kloskowski

    Matt Kloskowski

    Photography and LIghtroom Instructor, Matt Kloskowski Photography and Education

Get ready to learn things about Photoshop Lightroom Classic that you never knew. Join renowned Lightroom educator Matt Kloskowski to dive into Lightroom Classic adjustments and how to push them in ways to get the maximum results out of your photos. Even if you thought you knew how to edit your photos, this session will show you a whole new side of Lightroom Classic and just how powerful it can be.

You’ll learn:

  • The power of using advanced profiles
  • How to use presets but, more importantly, how to make your own
  • Mastering the brush and gradient tools to add depth, light, and new dimensions to your photos

Technical Level: Intermediate, Advanced

Type: Session

Category: How To

Track: Photography

Audience: Photographer